The Centre of maxillofacial surgery represented at Medvin dental exhibition

The centre of maxillofacial surgery was represented at the international dental exhibition “Expodental” at Kyivexpoplaza.

08.02.2017 along with President`s advisor V. Sushkevych, president of National academy of medical sciences Tsymbalyuk V., Ugryn M. and representatives of Irpin city administration, Vasyl Rybak had opened the exhibition dedicated to the International Dentist day. Also, Dr. Rybak had presented the doctors of the Kyiv region with certificates of honor.

The centre presented reproductions of facial skeletons of different clinical cases that were made on a 3-D printer. Cases that proofed the effectiveness of the use of bone grafts and PRGF were also represented. Physicians of the department took active part in the dental surgery lecture section, sharing their clinical experience.